Cbus Libraries

I wanted to share a quick post about a blog I recently stumbled upon. Cbus Libraries is a blog that highlights libraries across central Ohio in all shapes and sizes, be they public, academic, governmental, tiny and independant, or school. I discovered them through a project that my friend Sean is involved in, PLACEMAKES. They are an organization that transforms small parts of urban areas into wonderful gathering places, originally working on creating parks inside single parking spaces, they have now expanded into transforming a little used street into a pedestrian only street/park/gathering place. One of the features of this reimagined pedestrian park (Cherry Street in downtown Columbus) is a little free lending library.

Little libraries are physically small structures scattered around a city, perhaps no bigger than a cubic-yard that house books that people are free to borrow and share. No checking anything out, no due dates, just spreading the joy of reading as curated by an entire community. The blog I originally mentioned, Cbus Libraries, was invited to build a little library as part of the Cherry Street reimagining. Cbus Libraries has even taken the liberty of mapping out all the little libraries across central Ohio and there is honestly a staggering number of them. I invite you to seek them out and see what they have to offer!

Cbus Libraries is a project created by Andrea Dixon and Bryan Loar. They are both librarians that presently work at BeecherHill an executive recruitment firm.