CONTENTdm: Uploading via Tab-Delimited Text File

This post will provide an overview of how to upload resources using the CONTENTdm (CDM) Project Client using the tab-delimited text file (TDTF) along with a number of errors to avoid during this process. This whole blog post is written assuming a Windows environment, sorry Mac users. Also I apologize that the section discussing errors … Continue reading CONTENTdm: Uploading via Tab-Delimited Text File

Quick-and-Dirty Email Archiving (But Different)

In 2019 myself and a colleague endeavored to find a straightforward way to collect email newsletters being regularly distributed by Toledo/Lucas County-area organization such as the art museum or city government to keep their audiences informed. The initial formulation of this was to use Zapier to create a lightweight action where an email would be … Continue reading Quick-and-Dirty Email Archiving (But Different)