A Sunday in Columbus, Ohio

I saw an gallery on Imgur chronicling a day in the life of a Scandinavian woman who was positively charming in the way that she related her daily goings-on. I’m not particularly active in the Imgur community, but I believe that such “day in the life” galleries are a somewhat popular thing to post there. The idea to do this has been rattling around in my head for a while, so I thought I might give it a whirl. There are a number of places I like to visit on Sundays and I thoroughly enjoy making an afternoon of it, and visiting a bunch of them.

A map of all the destinations described here.

I started this particular Sunday off by brushing the snow off my car; our first real snow of the winter. We’ve been lucky so far this winter, and had a very mild fall, but our luck finally ran out. I’m rather a curmudgeon when it comes to snow but at least there wasn’t much to deal with. Like my bright pink snow brush?

I’m a church-goer and try to attend mass as often as I can. I work every other Sunday so it doesn’t happen every week, but I’m really making an effort to attend all four Advent masses. My church is Saint Joseph’s Cathedral in downtown Columbus, and I like to park on Gay street behind the church. I really love these brownstones and when it’s warm out, it’s nice to wander this neighborhood a bit.

The outside and inside of the Cathedral are both absolutely gorgeous. I always like coming up to the Broad street entrance and coming in through the big front doors. One of the reasons I enjoy attending the Catholic mass is because of all the ritual, and entering the church through those big doors is part of that I suppose. After a bit of googling I just discovered that the canopy over the altar in the center of the second picture is referred to as a “baldachin.”

After mass, I stopped by one of my very favorite places to visit, the Columbus Museum of Art. It’s free to visit on Sundays, so I try and take advantage of that frequently. You can see from that first picture that the snow wasn’t lasting too long; by the end of my day it had already mostly melted. I like to stop by the museum cafe and grab lunch before heading into the galleries, and you can see my first, and much needed, cup of coffee in that last picture.

These are shots of some of my very favorite pieces in the museum. The first image is of “Snow Dumpers” by George Bellows, which I always enjoy seeing, but seemed particularly relevant today. Getting rid of snow is enough of a pain with trucks, I can’t imagine managing with horses and wagons. The second is “A Gust of Wind” by Claude Monet. I had originally seen this painting at the museum in a small temporary exhibit of impressionists right before the museum largely closed for renovations. I really fell in love with it, I think partly because of how Monet really manages to convey the effects of the wind. I had thought I wouldn’t see it again until it popped back up in the museum recently and I took the opportunity to snap a picture of both it and it’s description card. The third is my absolute favorite in CMA’s holdings, and one I always stop to see, “Morning Sun” by Edward Hopper. This is one of CMA’s more famous paintings and one that I’ve always been drawn to. I actually have a print of this hanging over my sink so that as I get ready for my day in the morning and pack my lunch I can have this to look at. It always brightens my mood. The last picture isn’t a painting obviously, but a shot of the skylight in the central atrium of the old building. It looks pretty muted on a gray, cloudy day like this, but when the sun is shining or there are interesting clouds floating about, the skylight does a wonderful job of framing the sky to make it look like a constantly changing work of art.

After the museum I stopped by Fox in the Snow, a coffee shop in the Italian Village neighborhood of Columbus. I had passed this place a number of times as I drove down North 4th Street, but never realized it was a coffee shop, or for that matter even open to the public. I always thought it was the office of some neat startup since the fox painted on the exterior is the only marking for the building, and it’s a little hidden from the road by trees. I needed to pick up one last Christmas present for a secret Santa my friends and I are doing and had decided on coffee. I asked a friend of mine who is something of a coffee expert about recommendations on where to get good coffee locally and she recommended I stop by here. I’m pretty sure I was quite a few years too old to hang out here, and not nearly cool enough, as it was full of young hip people, but I enjoyed grabbing a cup of coffee and a doughnut and reading a copy of Street Speech that I had purchased from a vendor outside the Cathedral.

I’m pretty terrible at estimating how much time it will take to get someplace and am always worried I’m going to be late, so while I was planning on seeing a movie on this afternoon, I was way too early for it. Consequently I wandered around the campus Barnes and Noble for a while and shopped for books. This is one of my favorite activities, so it wasn’t much of a burden. I ended up grabbing a copy of “The Grownup” by Gillian Flynn. The novella is one of my favorite formats for reading, and I’ve been meaning to check out Flynn’s writing so this seemed like a perfect option. My copy of Gone Girl has been languishing on my bookshelf for a while now.

We’re lucky in Columbus to have a number of good independent theaters. I always love seeing movies at Studio 35, and am looking forward to seeing something soon at the Grandview Theater that was recently acquired by the same owners. The Gateway Film Center though is truly a gem. A non-profit theater that brings all sorts of unique films to their screens, like indie films, runs of old movies, and cool events. I saw Psycho for the first time ever here not too long ago, and on this particular Sunday I saw my favorite Christmas movie, Scrooged. In January they are showing Starship Troopers, and in 35mm no less. I really hope I get to see that.

True to form, I got into the theater way too early. For a while it was just me and another couple a couple rows in front of me. I found it a little odd that this woman decided to make herself quite so comfortable in a public space, but whatever floats your boat I suppose. Scrooged was wonderful to see on the big screen, particularly fun to see Bill Murray breaking the 4th wall at the end and talking to the theater directly, which I had only seen on TV.

After the movie I rushed home to meet up with my friends on Xbox live so that we could dive into 50 waves of horde mode in Gears of War 4. This game has become a big hit among my friends and we play it just about as often as we can. One of my favorite things is to come home to an apartment already lit up with Christmas lights after it is dark out. For Christmas I like to decorate my windows and put up a tiny little tree.

Thanks so much for taking the time to see what a Sunday in Columbus looks like!

Learning JavaScript

I’m happy to say I finished at least the introductory lessons in Codeademy on JavaScript and while I still barely know anything, I know more than nothing. JavaScript and jQuery seem pretty exciting honestly and I’m looking forward to perusing them more in the future, but in the short term I’m excited about the prospect of getting back to learning something about XML at the same time.



Learning XML

This post was written as I was still exploring resources and trying to suss out a learning path.

One of my technology related goals for professional development is learning how to work with and transform XML. Usually my go to resource for coding related topics is Codecademy, but sadly they have no resources here that I can find. Instead, Columbus Metropolitan Library offers Lynda.com access to anyone with a library card, a wonderful service. First up is the XML Essential Training course.

Watched today:


What you should already know

Naturally, this already presented a problem, as the course asks for JavaScript knowledge, which I don’t have. So first up, learning the basics of JavaScript. For this I’m going to move back to Codecademy and use their course, and return to Lynda.com once I have a better knowledge base.