Adding Images to Wikipedia Articles via DPLA

DPLA is engaged in a fantastic project to integrate records harvested by DPLA and upload those rights-free materials to Wikimedia Commons so that they might be exposed to a wider audience that they might otherwise receive. For more detailed information on this project as a whole there is a recording of a conference presentation givenContinue reading “Adding Images to Wikipedia Articles via DPLA”

Genealogical Records Sets Revisited

In February I wrote a blog post about a 2020 goal to digitize record sets held by my organization that would be useful to those engaged in genealogical research and that would be unlikely to be in the digital collections of large-scale genealogical databases such as Ancestry or FamilySearch. Despite the ongoing pandemic that workContinue reading “Genealogical Records Sets Revisited”

CONTENTdm: Uploading via Tab-Delimited Text File

This post will provide an overview of how to upload resources using the CONTENTdm (CDM) Project Client using the tab-delimited text file (TDTF) along with a number of errors to avoid during this process. This whole blog post is written assuming a Windows environment, sorry Mac users. Also I apologize that the section discussing errorsContinue reading “CONTENTdm: Uploading via Tab-Delimited Text File”

2020 Goals: Genealogical Record Sets

Some staffing changes at my local library mean that the amount of time I have available off the reference desk has shrunk pretty considerably, a change that has made me rethink how exactly I’m able to continue digitizing resources when I am not able sustainably work with the bulk of our digitization equipment. To addressContinue reading “2020 Goals: Genealogical Record Sets”

XML Parsing Errors During FTP Upload to the Internet Archive

One of the most common stumbling blocks I’ve come across when uploading ebooks to the Internet Archive via FTP has been the following XML parsing error: Two commons problems may result in seeing this error upon submitting your GET request to have the item ingested and derived for access in the Internet Archive. Problem One:Continue reading “XML Parsing Errors During FTP Upload to the Internet Archive”