Migrating Digital Assets from Islandora to Preservica

About four months ago I was hired as the Digital Asset Management Lead at the University of Rochester, River Campus Libraries. One of the big areas of work that I am responsible for is establishing a sustainable digital preservation service using (among other resources) Preservica Cloud Professional edition. The organization currently holds digital assets inContinue reading “Migrating Digital Assets from Islandora to Preservica”

Quick-and-Dirty Email Archiving (But Different)

In 2019 myself and a colleague endeavored to find a straightforward way to collect email newsletters being regularly distributed by Toledo/Lucas County-area organization such as the art museum or city government to keep their audiences informed. The initial formulation of this was to use Zapier to create a lightweight action where an email would beContinue reading “Quick-and-Dirty Email Archiving (But Different)”