OSU Campus Photography Session

I recently had the good fortune to be awarded a Ohio State University Staff Advisory Committee Staff Development Grant, and used the funds in order to procure a couple of new lenses for my camera that would enable me to document buildings in ways quite impossible with my kit lens. With the help of the wonderful staff at Midwest Photo, I purchased a wide-angle and telephoto zoom lens respectively:

My hope was that the wide-angle lens would allow me to take in more of the facade of the building in a single shot, instead of having to shoot individual sections (or in addition to), while the telephoto zoom lens would allow me to pick out architectural details at the tops of buildings that the zoom on my kit lens would never be able to accomplish. In order to start playing around with these I stopped by OSU campus in order to re-shoot a few buildings that I had already taken pictures of (Thompson Library, Orton Hall, and University Hall) and one new building (Bricker Hall). I definitely have some work cut out for me to learn how to use these lenses, but even just toying around with them produced some pretty interesting shots.

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