From the OSUL Rinhart Collection

A recent project I was involved in including the digitziation of early photographic processes, including daguerreotypes and ambrotypes. These presented an interesting challenge due to the highly reflective materials used in the processes (silver and glass respectively). The images were cased photos, in this case meaning, plates held in a typically wood or polymer case, with velvet lined interiors to protect the plates. The cased photos were shot before any conservation treatment, then the plates were removed for cleaning and the cases were shot, interior and exterior, the cleaned plates were shot on their own, and then the reassembled cases were shot with the newly cleaned plates back in their original position. A couple of highlights are included below.

From the Ohio State University, Rare Books and Manuscripts Library, Rinhart Photograph Collection.

“Just stop Mary, you’re embarrassing yourself.”

Scanning Samples

Once a week I volunteer for around a half-day at the digital imaging department, part of Ohio State University Libraries’ Preservation and Reformatting Department. Under the expert tutelage of Amy McCrory I have been learning about different technology platforms and best practices for producing archival quality digital reproductions of cultural heritage materials. Whenever allowable, I’ll also be posting sample images from my work for demonstration. First up, and what has been my primary project from the start of volunteering until this week has a been a series of musical scores from OSU’s Music and Dance Library. The originals date from the early 20th century and were in pretty rough shape. The goals of the project were primarily to create facsimile monographs that could circulate to patrons, but in the process archival quality images of each page were created, as well and an ebook in PDF format. The PDFs were printed on 11×17 Permalife paper and delivered to the conservation half of Preservation and Reformatting so that they could be cut down, bound, and sent back to the Music and Dance Library for cataloging and circulation. Some sample images are included below:

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